Las Vegas, United States
Student at College of Southern Nevada

1354331707512I have used my IC3 certification for the whole job process. When my employer asks if I have any awards or certifications, I tell them about IC3 and passing all three exams on the first try. Their eyes light up with interest and tell me that they appreciate someone with literacy in computer systems and that they admire my education. I have always enjoyed using the computer for educational purposes, and cannot see myself without one in the future.

I definitely have talked about my certification with my cousins, since they know how to operate a computer or laptop. When they don’t know how to do something, for example, deleting a program or game from the system. They would ask me and then tell me I’m so smart. They make me giggle, so I would take that opportunity to discuss IC3 with them. The knowledge provided by IC3 is great for the young ones, because it’s part of our daily lives.


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